Soft Gel Tip - Preparation kit

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Victoria Vynn



A fast, innovative method of salon nail extensions using pre-shaped, lightly satin acrylic tips. It is characterized by extremely easy application and the natural appearance of the extended nails.

The Set contains:
Prep Tips for degreasing natural nails and the underside of tips.
It is indispensable to increase adhesion and durability of a design. Used as the first step in designing with the SOFT GEL TIPS system.
Primer Tips acid free, essential for ensuring adhesion of SOFT GEL TIPS designs. By applying a thin layer on a natural plate and to the underside of tips you are guaranteed a long-lasting design. It is safe for a sensitive natural nail plate.
 Gel Tips strong foundation, specially formulated, light-cured gel
for attaching nail tips. Self-levelling and flexible formula perfectly spreads, creates a perfect bond between the natural nail plate
and tips.
Top Tips no wipe, hybrid top with a shine, without a dispersion layer. A thin layer provides fixation and protection for design.
 Nail File 100/180 crescent, disposable file for working on nails
made with the Soft Gel Tips system. It has two grits: 100/180.

The preparations and the nail file are packed in a dedicated boxes.