Kinetics Gel in the Bottle - Milky White

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For longer & stronger natural nails

Hard as gel, simple as gel polish. Gel in Bottle creates a hard overlay that protects natural nails from breaking. Application is as simple as using gel polish and takes only 20 minutes. The special wide-neck bottle makes it easy to use.


Gel in Bottle is an upgraded service for gel polish professionals. It's a light gel ideal for strong short and medium overlays, fixing problems for nail biters, thin or problematic nails. Low heat formula for no burning. Gel in Bottle cures in UV/LED light.

Why use Gel in Bottle?

  • For better weartime: strong overlay with no chipping & breaking will last longer
  • For thin nails: fixes the free edge and protects from breaking
  • For nail biters: hard overlay protects from breaking and prevents biting
  • For bump nails: harder formula sculpts and maintains beautiful nails


Prepare the nail, apply Dehydrator and Bonder.

Apply a thin layer of  Rubber base, cure for 30s. Apply Gel in Bottle in a thin layer, don’t cure (create wet floor).Apply a builder layer and cure nail by nail for 30s. Then, cure both hands for 60 seconds. Finish with  Top of your choice, cure for 60s.

Removal. Gel in Bottle are file-off products which can be removed with a drilling machine